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How Does A Metal Zipper Work?

Zippers are a necessity for garments and bags that are designed to be tough. The metal zipper is a common choice for jeans, leather jackets, and other heavy-duty fabrics.

How do zippers work?
A metal zipper is made up of three parts: a chain, teeth, and a slider. The chain consists of two rows of metal teeth protrusions that are meshed together to close or separate the zipper.

Normally, the zipper teeth are stamped directly from copper, while die-casting zipper teeth are formed by forcing molten metal into a mold cavity through high pressure. This process produces a smooth pull, a better surface finish, and dimensional consistency.

The teeth are attached to strips of cloth tape that face each other on one side. The other sides are sewn to the outfit, luggage, shoes, or other fabric items to fasten it.

When the zipper is closed, the teeth interlock with each other to make a chain that locks or unlocks depending on how the zipper is moved up or down. The teeth are usually coated with a protective coating to prevent them from chipping, rusting, or cracking.

If the zipper teeth get stuck, try using a pencil to rub them or a bar of soap, wax, or petroleum jelly. However, be sure to clean the zipper thoroughly before applying any lubricants, because they can leave a greasy residue on the teeth or fabric item.

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