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Summary of Bangladesh’s Exhibition

We Jiaxing Youxin Import & Export Co., Ltd. participated in the 4-day DIFS 2023(5th Dhaka International Denim Show) from March  1st to 4th, 2023, which is the international exhibition that our company truly participates in.

Our company attaches great importance to this international exhibition. We have made sufficient preparations before participating in the exhibition and arranged for our general manager and two experienced colleagues responsible for this international exhibition. Our general manager visited our local customers in Bangladesh for further understanding and established a solid foundation for better development in the future. During the exhibition, our general manager and two colleagues communicated and negotiated with interested customers and distributors who came to our booth, and also further learned and understood the advantages of peer enterprises and the characteristics of products, which was very helpful for improving their own product structure and establishing the foundation for further cooperation in the future.

In this international exhibition, we displayed the company's main products, T/C pocketing fabric, 100%cotton pocketing cloth, 100% polyester lining fabric, and accessories, a total of more than 30 qualities. Our lining and pocketing fabric with T/C material, 100% cotton material, and 100% polyester material are most in stock and have a colored book, which supports fast sample making and saves procurement costs. During the exhibition, the results we achieved were much higher than we expected. Very many overseas customers showed strong interest in our products, they all left business cards and took away our company profiles.

Through this international exhibition, we met friends from all over the world. With excellent quality and perfect service, we have obtained more chances to cooperate with potential customers and distributors.
In the future, we will participate in more international exhibitions to show our company's products to the world. We hope to be a company with good economic and social benefits and play a positive role in promoting local economic development.

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