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The function of the elastic band

Elastic band is made from a series of rubber; this rubber is either natural or synthetic rubber. It has significant value for use in textile industry because of its excellent elongation and recovery properties. The word “Spandex” is a general term used to define elastic material.
Where will the elastic band to do ?
1,to make the dress
The knitted elastic band can be used in the dress to make all sizes of people can fit in the dress.
2,sports bandage
The weave elastic band can we made into sports bandage to do exercise.Lots of customers will like this kind of sports bandage.
3,to make men trousers
Sometimes, designers will pick elastic band to make men’s trousers in the belt part to make this trousers more soft to skin.
If any other good idea you have,please share your idea to me.Thank you.

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