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The usage of Clothes rib

Our company produces Rowan, which has a wide range of uses, such as clothing cuffs, Rowan skirts, necklines, etc. The factory can provide black samples for free proofing, and the samples of the color specified by the customer need to provide the Pantone color card, and a certain dyeing fee will be charged. Samples can be provided in about a week.

Here is an example of a Rowan skirt:

Solve all of those “nothing to wear” dilemmas this season with our essential range of women’s ribbed dresses that are perfect for any occasion. That is the usage of the rib to make dress.

We have many different models, such as floor-sweeping maxix ,curve-worshipping midaxis etc...
You can pick the styles for your like.

And also,we the ribs can make the sleeve of the outside jacket for women and men to keep warm and make the clothes looks beautiful.

Besides, the ribs can be made into different texture and colors to fit customers’ requirement! Such as black , red, pink , navy etc..

You can also custom logo or pictures for your ribs. As most customers have special demands of the ribs, we factory here can provide you with free samples to check our quality firstly.

As for the quotations of the ribs,pls contact us for further details. Thank you.

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