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Choosing Suit Lining Fabric

 Lining fabric is a crucial part of a suit jacket. It can add weight, structure and warmth to a suit and creates a clean appearance. It can also improve donning and doffing of the suit as it helps to reduce friction between the shell and the skin or shirt underneath.

The fabric you choose is vital to the look and feel of your suit – and there are plenty of choices! You can go for silk, cotton, linen and other natural fibres, or opt for synthetic alternatives like cupro, viscose or Bemberg silk.

You can also add a lining to knitted garments. Knit lining fabric has more stretch than woven lining fabric and is often lycra based. It is also useful for wicking perspiration away from the body and will help to keep you cool in hot weather.

Choosing the right colour for your lining is very important. You want to find a colour that complements your outer cloth but that also suits your personality too.

There are a variety of colours available to choose from including blue, green, gold, silver and other neutrals. You can try a lighter or darker shade to really make the jacket stand out, and if you’re feeling adventurous try a pattern.

Silk is one of the most popular options for lining garments. It’s lightweight and has a smooth texture that is soft to the touch.

Other options include acetate, rayon and polyester. Acetate is more crisp and is a good choice for occasion wear clothes (such as dry cleaned only jackets). Rayon is less expensive than silk, but it is not as durable.

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