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Types of lining material

Types of lining material

The lining is not for the fainthearted in sewing. But once you line a garment you are sold for life. The change in the look and drape of the clothing makes you a convert. Jackets, trousers, skirts, coats, dresses – you may want to line all that you sew.

So How to choose the best lining fabric for your clothes and what to choose?

The 3 factors that determine the fabric you choose for lining are as follows
Colour of the outer fabric
Usually, you need a fabric that matches the color exactly to that of the outer fabric; otherwise, the color of the whole garment may be distorted. If that is impossible, choose a dark color (lighter color will stand out). Sometimes a contrasting color is selected for a special effect.

When going shopping for the lining fabric, take the outer fabric with you and compare both the fabrics in good sunlight or under white lighting.

Purpose of the clothing

This is important as one person may want a warm fabric for insulation and warmth during winter but another may need a thin breathable fabric during summer. Some look out for colourful or printed fabric that will add an interest to the inside of the garment, some want to add structure to the garment and may be looking for a thicker fabric.

You will need a durable easy maintenance fabric for lining clothes that you will wear often, but for occasion only clothes (which you mean to dry clean and then store) you can choose a similar high maintenance lining material.

Do not choose a slippery fabric for lining clothes fitted with boning, or if strapless. You do not want the fabric to slip down.

Compatibility with the outer fabric

This is the most important. The lining fabric should be of the same weight or slightly of lesser weight than the outer fabric. Choose a firmly woven fabric. The care of the outer fabric and lining should be the same.

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