Custom Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size

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  • Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size
Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size

Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size

This product is an I-beam buckle, made of metal, and can be made in a variety of colours, embossed, engraved and so on, to meet the requirements of different garment shapes. The minimum order quantity is 100pcs, and we support stock/custom-made, the regular delivery time is 15-20 days.
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  • Product name Jeans button 
    Size Customized
    Ingredients metal 
    Color Customized 
    Minimum order quantity /
    Features Fashionable
    Range of applications Jeans, coats, Jackets, 
    Delivery lead time 15-20days
    Product Advantages:
    Due to its special button structure, this product can be used for thicker fabrics such as denim, and due to its metal material, it can be made in any pattern to decorate the garment. Delivery time is 15-20 days after colour confirmation. We have a large advantage in terms of order quantity and delivery time.
    All our products have a KAKEN test report for colour fastness to washing/dry cleaning, dry/wet abrasion, perspiration, sublimation, colour bleeding, composition, PH, shrinkage, slippage, etc.
    * Physical reports are common to all varieties of products, with the separate colour fastness and safety reports for each colour
    This product is an I-beam fastener, which is widely used in areas such as denim-like thicker fabrics. This product supports sample colour trials and can be customised in large stock colours to meet the different actual colour requirements of our customers.

Founded in 1999

About Huacheng & Youxin

Founded in 1999, Pinghu Huacheng Clothes Materials Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates production and sales of garment pocket fabrics, lining fabrics and accessories. Situated in Shilong Industrial Zone of Pinghu County, Jiaxing City, our company covers an area of 3,300㎡ and a building area of more than 8,000㎡. Meanwhile, being located in the economic prosperity Yangtze River Delta makes our transportation more convenient. We own four enterprises, two of which are in large scale, they are Pinghu Qizhen Textile Co., Ltd. and Pinghu Huaqi Garment Accessories Co., Ltd..Additionally, we also have a production company called Zhejiang Yixin Weaving Co., Ltd., as well as an import and export company called Jiaxing Youxin Import and Export Co., Ltd. We are China Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size Suppliers and factory, main products are T/C fabrics, cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics, bedding fabrics, various knitted fabrics, elastics, webbings, buttons, zippers, etc., which are in compliance with the test standards of KAKEN and SGS and have obtained the GRS certification. At the same time, we also maintain friendly cooperative relationships with customers all over the world for a long time, and the quality of our products are deeply loved by our customers.

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We focus on the R&D and manufacture of clothing fabrics and accessories for many years. With our professional team, a number of achievements have been made in the development of special functional fabrics. Meanwhile, we introduce advanced testing equipment to guarantee the quality. Our Jeans button , Customized color, Customized size are exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. And we have successfully supplied clothing accessories to international brands like Uniqlo for more than 20 years, becoming its stable supplier and our quality is highly evaluated by Uniqlo customers. At the same time, we have been supplying fabrics and accessories for hundreds of well-known enterprises at home and abroad for a long time. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory and look forward to your long-term cooperation to create a better future for us!

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Product Knowledge

The jeans button, also known as a rivet button or a jean button, is a type of fastening mechanism commonly used in denim pants, particularly jeans. It is designed to secure the waistband and provide a closure for the fly of the jeans.

A jeans button typically consists of two parts: the button itself and a separate metal stud. The button is usually made of metal, often brass or zinc alloy, and has a round or oval shape. It typically features a decorative design on the front surface. The metal stud, also made of brass or zinc alloy, has a hollow tube-like shape with a flared end.

To attach a jeans button, a small hole is usually punched or sewn into the fabric at the desired position on the waistband. The metal stud is inserted from the inside of the waistband through the hole, with the flared end on the outside. Then, the button is placed on top of the stud, aligning the holes on the button and the stud.

To secure the jeans button, a specialized tool, such as a hammer or a button press machine, is used. The tool applies pressure to the button and the stud, causing the flared end of the stud to bend and grip the fabric tightly between the button and the stud. This creates a secure closure for the jeans.

The jeans button is a durable and reliable fastening method commonly used in denim garments due to its strength and ability to withstand repeated use and washing. It is a distinctive feature of jeans and adds to their rugged and casual aesthetic.

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