Custom Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size

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  • Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size
  • Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size
Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size

Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size

This product is a resin four-hole buckle, made of resin, with a wide range of colours, lustre and simulation, and can be made in any shape. The order quantity: black/white is in stock, other colours are in stock and can be made to order in 15-20 days.
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  • Product name 4-holes button 
    Size Customized
    Ingredients resin
    Color  Customized 
    Minimum order quantity Black/White in stock; custom color no MOQ, but need to make colors 
    Features Basic, Fashionable
    Range of applications Shirts, Suits, windbreaker coats, Jackets, clothes, apparel, clothing, garment,
    Delivery lead time 15-20days
    Product Advantages:
    This product is a resin button with good abrasion and chemical resistance due to its resin material and can support hot water treatment up to 100°C. The button can be removed when ironing garments. No minimum order quantity. Black/white is available from stock and lead times are 15-20 days after colour confirmation. We have a large advantage in terms of order quantity and delivery time.
    All our products have KAKEN test reports for wash/dry clean fastness, dry/wet rubbing fastness, sweat contamination, sublimation contamination, colour bleeding, composition, PH value, shrinkage, slippage, etc.
    * Physical reports are common to all varieties of products, with the separate colour fastness and safety reports for each colour
    This product is a resin four-hole button, which is widely used in garments, handicrafts and other fields. This product supports sample colour trials and can be customised in bulk colour for the customer's target colour to meet different actual colour requirements.

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Founded in 1999, Pinghu Huacheng Clothes Materials Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates production and sales of garment pocket fabrics, lining fabrics and accessories. Situated in Shilong Industrial Zone of Pinghu County, Jiaxing City, our company covers an area of 3,300㎡ and a building area of more than 8,000㎡. Meanwhile, being located in the economic prosperity Yangtze River Delta makes our transportation more convenient. We own four enterprises, two of which are in large scale, they are Pinghu Qizhen Textile Co., Ltd. and Pinghu Huaqi Garment Accessories Co., Ltd..Additionally, we also have a production company called Zhejiang Yixin Weaving Co., Ltd., as well as an import and export company called Jiaxing Youxin Import and Export Co., Ltd. We are China Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size Suppliers and factory, main products are T/C fabrics, cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics, bedding fabrics, various knitted fabrics, elastics, webbings, buttons, zippers, etc., which are in compliance with the test standards of KAKEN and SGS and have obtained the GRS certification. At the same time, we also maintain friendly cooperative relationships with customers all over the world for a long time, and the quality of our products are deeply loved by our customers.

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We focus on the R&D and manufacture of clothing fabrics and accessories for many years. With our professional team, a number of achievements have been made in the development of special functional fabrics. Meanwhile, we introduce advanced testing equipment to guarantee the quality. Our Resin 4-holes button , Customized color, Customized size are exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. And we have successfully supplied clothing accessories to international brands like Uniqlo for more than 20 years, becoming its stable supplier and our quality is highly evaluated by Uniqlo customers. At the same time, we have been supplying fabrics and accessories for hundreds of well-known enterprises at home and abroad for a long time. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory and look forward to your long-term cooperation to create a better future for us!

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Product Knowledge

A resin 4-holes button refers to a type of button made from resin material that has four holes for sewing or attaching to fabric or other materials. Resin buttons are lightweight, durable, and available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are commonly used in sewing, crafting, and garment manufacturing industries.

The four holes on the button allow for secure attachment to the fabric by stitching through the holes. This design ensures that the button remains securely in place, even with frequent use or tension on the fabric.

Resin buttons are popular because they are versatile and can be used on a wide range of clothing items, such as shirts, blouses, dresses, jackets, and more. They come in different finishes, including glossy, matte, transparent, or patterned, allowing for customization and matching with different styles or designs.

When using resin 4-holes buttons, it's important to consider the thickness and weight of the fabric to ensure that the button and the thread used for sewing are appropriate for the garment. Additionally, it's a good practice to reinforce the button attachment by adding a small button backing or a small piece of fabric behind the button to distribute the stress and reinforce the hold.

Overall, resin 4-holes buttons are a popular choice for both functional and decorative purposes in sewing and crafting projects, offering durability, versatility, and a wide range of design options.

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