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  • What is the lining fabric of the suit

    What is the lining fabric of a suit? The lining of high-grade suits is generally polyester. What material was used for the suit lining before the invention of chemical fiber? Silk or cotton and linen? Are there any suits lined with natural materials now?Suits mostly refer to formal clothes, which must be lined, especially good suits, which are made of wool. Even the blended fabric also contains polyester. If it is not lined, there will be static electricity, which will be absorbed by the body. T...


  • What are the silk fabrics suitable for lining

    In the vast sea of ​​textiles, silk fabrics belong to the higher-end category, so if silk fabrics are used as inner linings, they must be relatively high-end. But not all silk varieties are suitable for lining, so how should you choose? I don’t know if you have ever thought about why clothes should be lined. The main function of the inner lining fabric is to separate the skin from the outer material so that the two are not in direct contact. Because many clothing outer materials are not suitable...


  • The word fast fashion is fast, not fashion

    Although the saying that fast fashion is dead has been said for several years, the recent series of news seems to have driven a few more nails to the coffin board of fast fashion. In June, H&M closed its first store in China on Huaihai Middle Road in Shanghai. In the past year, the brand has closed more than 60 stores in a row. At the end of July, ZARA's three sister brands: Bershka, Pull&Bear, and Stradivarius closed their Tmall flagship stores at the same time. And their offline stores...


  • What is webbing

    Webbing is made of various yarns and there are various kinds of webbing that are widely used in various industrial sectors such as clothing, trademark printing, shoe materials, luggage, industry, agriculture, military supplies, and transportation. Webbing was produced by hand workshops in the 1930s, and the raw materials were cotton thread and hemp thread. After the founding of New China, the raw materials for webbing gradually developed into pure cotton, polyester-cotton, mercerized cotton, cle...


  • Various clothing fabrics

    Clothing is composed of three elements: style, color, and material. The material is the most basic element. Clothing materials refer to all the materials that make up clothing, which can be divided into clothing fabrics and clothing accessories. Today, we mainly introduce some knowledge of clothing fabrics to you. ①The concept of clothing fabrics: refers to the material that reflects the main characteristics of clothing. ②Common clothing fabrics 1. Cotton-type fabric: It refers to the fabric mad...


  • Common identification methods of zipper quality

    Tape: The tape is dyed evenly without stains, or scratches and is soft to the touch. The tape should be wavy in the vertical direction or in the horizontal direction. Scoops: The surface of the scoops should be smooth, and soft to the touch when pulled. Slider: The self-locking slider pulls easily without slipping off. One side zipper chain: The chain is tightly fastened to the cloth tape, which is not easy to break or fall off. Top stop and bottom stop: a. The top end should be fastened to the ...


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