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  • Product Description of Elastic Band

    Elastic bandElastic band: also called an elastic thread, or rubber band thread, the fine point can be used as clothing accessories bottom line, especially suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothes, sweaters, sportswear, rhyming clothes, wedding dresses, T-shirts, hats, bras, masks, and other clothing products. It can also be used as a hangtag line, daily necessities crafts ornaments, toys, stationery, and DIY handmade line.MaterialMaterial selection and production: the elastic band tends to us...


  • Different Types of Lining Fabric

    Lining fabric is used to line the inside of clothing, handbags, curtains, and other items. It is essential for sewing stylish apparel and chic decor, and it can hide construction details like raw edges or seams, as well as offer extra thermal insulation and waterproof capabilities.Different types of lining fabrics are available, depending on the type of item you are making. These include acetate, chiffon, cotton, polyester, and silk.Acetate lining is often used for dressy garments, such as weddi...


  • How Does A Metal Zipper Work?

    Zippers are a necessity for garments and bags that are designed to be tough. The metal zipper is a common choice for jeans, leather jackets, and other heavy-duty fabrics.How do zippers work?A metal zipper is made up of three parts: a chain, teeth, and a slider. The chain consists of two rows of metal teeth protrusions that are meshed together to close or separate the zipper.Normally, the zipper teeth are stamped directly from copper, while die-casting zipper teeth are formed by forcing molten me...


  • How to Choose Suit Lining Fabric?

    Lining fabric is a key part of suit tailoring. It makes the suit more comfortable by reducing any crinkles on your body and it also adds weight to the garment which helps it sit better on your frame. It also helps protect the outer fabric from wear and tear.The lining material can be made from a variety of different cloths, with the most popular being cupro and viscose. These fabrics are high-quality, durable, and feel great to touch.If you are looking for a warm lining, then wool is your best o...


  • Rib Weave Manufacture

    Rib weave is a variation of Plain weave and is created very similarly to a plain weave piece of fabric. The basic construction follows the same pattern of the weft yarns going under and over the warp yarns in the pattern of one under, one over, and so on.The difference between plain weave and Rib weave is that Rib weave uses one heavyweight yarn. This is used for either the warp of weft yarns and the end result is a fabric that has raised ribs either horizontally or vertically down the fabric, d...


  • Elastic band introduction

    FLAT ELASTICThe inventory of elastic material carried by Elastic Cord and Webbing includes both flat elastic material and round elastic cord. As an elastic supplier, our range of cotton elastic, polyester elastic, and nylon elastic comes in the form of braided elastic, knitted elastic, and woven elastic. Sizes of our elastic material are as varied as our color selection and many come with the option of being “latex free” elastic.BRAIDED CORDBraided Cord has been a staple product line of Elastic ...


  • How to Choose a Nylon Zipper

    Nylon zippers are used for a variety of purposes. They are commonly found in clothing, luggage, and sporting equipment. Their durability and flexibility make them useful for many applications. These zippers come in a wide range of sizes.The best way to find the right type of zipper for your project is to figure out what features you want. For example, are you looking for a separating or non-separating zipper? Do you need a certain amount of width or length? Or do you want something with a differ...


  • The Narration of Elastic and Its Use in Clothing

    Elastic is a small narrow loop of rubber or similar material used for tightening, gripping, and holding things with ease purposes. It has the quality of being stretched and then returning back to its original shape. Elastic has different names like rubber bands, gum bands, binders, and lacquer bands.The account of elasticity has its roots back thousands of years. The modern elastic band goes back to the mid-19th century. From the very start man knew there were certain objects that would spring b...


  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that the second phase of the pocket bag fabric rule for blue denim apparel under the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement will be implemented on Jan. 1, 2023.The first phase of this rule, which took effect Jan. 1, 2022, provides that for apparel goods of HTSUS Chapters 61 and 62 that contain a pocket or pockets, the pocket bag fabric must be formed and finished in the territory of one or more USMCA countries from yarn wholly formed in one or more USMCA countrie...


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